Take this eager heart of clay,
Amend it any which way.
Put a blazing to the art,
Reshaping this amorphous heart.
Mold the contour to renewed form,
Keep the passions burning warm.
My heart but putty in your hand,
Emotions at your command.
Silkiness glides through fingertips,
Like satin sheets smoothly slips.
Along soft yielding fleshy heat,
Breath life into an inert heartbeat.
Mold me to your wants and needs,
Take pity on this decay that pleads.
No, please don't walk away,
Leaving a formless corpus on display,
Take this eager heart and renew,
I crave the artisan in you. 
I yearn for the gentle stroke,
My ravenous desires have awoke.
I want your creative breath on my skin,
Exhilarating arrousal within.
Take this eager heart of clay,
From the enclosure in which it lay.
An essence undefined,
Your caress reassigned.