Peace and Equality

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

Close your eyes and imagine all those stars above
Thousands of diamonds shining from a dark background
A journey through life and time..
Like luminous pearls they shine on your path
A path that will guide your way to happieness and tears

What is pure happieness? To be loaded with material wealth,perhaps..?
Prosperity might hand us a large portion of confidence
To me happieness is peace..
Peace on earth,in my soul and to know that you are feeling good
That`s a path that leads me to happieness

What makes me the point of pure sorrow?
To see the little one being beaten and squeezed into a corner
And to know the established steales his opportunities..
A world without peace and equality is a sick world
It is a path that leads me into sorrow and tears..

* Pretty much sums up what`s on my wishlist for the future..

December 9th 2012