Message In A Bottle

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

My mind still thinking of what to write,
My pen is eager to compose a nice poem,
To the next generation of people on earth,
Who will continue a legacy of living a good life.

I remembered all the things people did at present,
Things that's what they really needed...a change,
I will put it in a bottle, open and read it my friend,
It’s for your own sake living in this new world.

“Please take care of our mother nature,
It will help you so much in the future,
Give love and be a blessing to others,
Maintain peace and harmony to all”.

“Be a good citizen and love your country,
Practice a habit of praying every day,
Don’t be a greedy and selfish person,
Share what you have, be kind, be generous”.

“Before I forget, be a responsible member of the family,
Spare time with them though you’re busy with your duty,
They will love you, proud of you and you will be a model to them,
I know it’s too much to ask but it’s for your own good my friend”.

“This is only a small favor in a piece of paper,
A simple poetry from a concerned writer,
But it can change the world for a better place to live,
Follow it and your good deeds will make the people saved".

December 10, 2012