On the Bus

Written by: Neal Shannacappo

“I want to stand with you,
Another day,
Just take my hand,
It’ll be okay...”

She’s singing on the bus
And I’m dying watching her on YouTube
Because she’s lying
Because she’s promising a lie
Because she’s singing to me

Saying all that I wish to say

And maybe I just wasn’t made to be loved...
Maybe I was just put here to be...
And maybe I just wasn’t made to love...
Maybe I was just created to live in perpetual hell...

Its 2:32 in the morning and the wind is howling outside my window
Still it’s nothing compared to the howling inside my soul

I drowned once... so long, long ago...and tonight I just wish I finished what I started...followed through

Frost is forming on the wall beside my head
Shimmering on the pillow where I rest my dead midnight shaded skull
But apathy has set in
In these shivers I know I’m just going to fall asleep
To dream of that morning when I was drowning
To relive that moment when my lungs were on fire
To breathe in those final heartbeats when my eyes cried out in agony
To wake in the lingering pulse of one final beat
When all around me lay peace and tranquility

It’s so hard...so hard...