Bitter Sweet

Written by: Jeanette Priest

Anger comes upon me like a flash of light.
Building up, emptiness, and despite.
Who can compare feeling resentful and no time to spare?
But darkness is near and so is fear, that’s clouding
My judgment to leave from the rear.

Where should I go? Who can I turn to?
Is it you, you and you? No not you
What to do on days like this, three and
Sixty five days in a year.

I’m facing challenges that I can’t seem
 To control, how to be patience, kind, 
Loving, and not so cold.

My eyes shedding tears like the sizes
Of a hail storm bringing hurt
Like a sandstorm. I’m wondering
Am I making any sense to those out there?
To those who will listen and start to care
This is “Bitter Sweet” Peace