the cynic

Written by: abubaker m.zain

"Every generation has its flaws" is 
my opening quotation
Among them is love and its absurd 
Unjustly women are labeled 
materialistic with imperialistic views
And guys don't give a s*** about 
the type of your lip stick we're not 
unrealistic tools
Not always but increasingly the case
So I respect anyone with ambition 
but still knows their place
So who's to blame for making the 
middle class act bourgeoisie
And why does no one find this 
disturbing but me
Why do people find concepts like 
the American dream a goal to aspire
That's what the elite say to keep 
people chasing ghosts to get what 
they desire
You can call me a cynic for not 
believing that all people are 
essentially good
Then why are we manipulated into 
getting what we should instead of 
what we could
I wanted to talk about love so the 
above was to prove my point
What ever happened to the days 
when love was not just a commodity
We're the product of the TV. era
So what happens when life and 
romantic movies don't mirror
Love is not for the mentally 
aristocratic its for the conceptionaly 
What I am simply trying to say is
Genuine love seems like a myth to 
me nowadays