For God Has Left

Written by: Patricia Lewis

For we as people have chosen 
to rely upon mans words and 
concoctions in order to be 
healed and to know how we 
should live
But why? 
If we as people come to realize 
that we did not create 
ourselves and the natural 
things around us like bushes 
and trees/plants are what God 
has left for us as people to heal 
ourselves this world/people 
would be better off. God has 
even left His prescription/word 
for us as people to follow in 
order to live right and to fulfill 
the purpose God created us for 
But we chose to take the 
difficult way to live and not 
truly surrender ourselves to 
God/Jesus because if we as a 
did we would not rely solely on 
doctors and their expensive 
medications we would not rely 
upon what society says this is 
acceptable or not but rely upon 
God word that NEVER