Betrayed by Love's Lie

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

      "Betrayed by Love's Lie"

in quiet solitude reflection stirs
as soiled thoughts invade inner core of mind
a gentle heart, swallowed in grave, inters
beyond the golden twilight, peace to find.

promises vowed sway broken at dark seams
betrayed by lovely lies spoken sincere
a trusting naive soul lost lovers' dreams
extinguished passion flaunting hurtful leer.

tears tumbled as deceitful romance lied
swore to emotion's eyes were free to wed
a dagger thrust impaled life as flame died
spoiling sweet taste of destroyed marriage bed.

bitter essence lingers to haunt, to pry,
a callous charmer who betrayed with lie.

*Sonnet from P.S. Forms of Poetry.
*For Craig's Beautiful Lies Contest.
*Dec. 8, 2012.