A Poem on a Story from Bible 2

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

This Poem is dedicated to all my Christian friends on Poetry Soup 
and else where in the world in the festival month of Xmas.

A Poem on a Story from Bible 2/2

Among them there was one
Who was lying on floor
He was sick for over thirty eight years
And was trying to find
A ray of hope to crawl somehow
And reach near the holy pond
But he could not dare to move
Seeing the swelling crowd. 07

That man’s hopes were 
At the verge of diminishing
His eyes had lost even the clarity of vision
Then suddenly 
He heard those lofty words
Coming from a dazzling source
Who was standing right beside his head. 08

The old sick man looked 
Towards the direction of that voice
But found only a dazzling face and
Pool of light
Which was trying to say these words to him. 09

Jesus asked that poor sick man
“Do you want to get well?”
That old sick man replied
“Sir, I cannot even move on my own,
And there is no one to help me
To get in that holy water” 10

Jesus said to him,
“Don’t worry, you will reach there,
to have a dip in the pond.
Just get up, pick up your mat, and walk."
The man stood up and started walking
And reached the pond
But suddenly he realized
And found as if
He was never sick at all.  11

Kanpur India -9th November 2012