Beautiful Lie not for contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

Her head lays on the pillow
Total exhaustion is mirrored in her face
She feebly smiles her hello
Of the pain there is no trace

After 12 gruelling hours of labour
Her baby was born in much stress
She has been put in an incubator
Needing attention from the best.

I tell her mam she is beautiful
Not to worry, to rest her mind
I told this lie to save the tears
This lie is of the beautiful kind

My beautiful sister is so ill
A baby wasn't advised
But she wanted to be a mother
To be a woman was what she cried

Together for the last time
My arms enfold them crushing them near
Suddenly two hearts stop I am alone
Two new angels will always be near

Now they lay together
Baby Siana is in her arms
Both their souls have departed
Telling that lie I have no qualms

Now I can be truthful
A beautiful child is all I did see
Reality means it wasn't the case
A mental picture will stay with me

A beautiful lie is so necessary
To keep someone you love at peace
It s better you lie just a little
Than be truthful  just for your own release