Me and My Bed

Written by: Russell Sivey

A room lifted by the sound of a bed The ruffles meander about itself I desire to leave my imprint on it Knowing how soft the sound is I want to lay on it with my soul The powerful allure rests on me Intriguing is the base, the support I know not the purpose of the desire I fear that I have no tiredness in me I just am drawn to it, a harmonious draw I take a jump and I land squarely on it Feeling the ripples of the solid bed I laugh, foolishly I get up to see The spot I had lain on the bed It wasn’t as good as I thought Just an emptiness there within me I am lost, the bed loses itself here Two entities are without meaning Where does the bed go without me I sit, contemplating the depth Of my bed’s encompassing power No sound escapes me, I’m soft The bed’s soft, we are aligned Where the pillows are, I want to be I’m drawn in, I fall within the bed To finally sleep off the secrets Of me and my bed’s universal uniqueness Made to meld as one tonight
Russell Sivey