A Mirror's Window

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Mirror’s Window A mirror’s window shows reflections of our traces What exists beyond the window remains a different dimension of another kind Perhaps it holds another world that consists of different faces Or maybe there’s something dark lurking that we shouldn’t pay any mind What do you see when the mirror stares back at you? Do you see tears coming down your face you didn’t own? Was there actually someone else trying to come through? Whenever you stare at a mirror, are you actually alone? A mirror’s window holds a place of untold mystery Yet signs remain shown through the years from its reflection place- That spirits are believed to get trapped if the mirror isn’t covered completely Is it a dimension someday we’ll all have to face? For now on, whenever I look at a mirror’s reflection I’ll try not to think about revealing its detection Not giving acknowledgment to something there beyond its window Through its reflection from its world I’d rather not know