Always Losing

Written by: Eileen Manassian

It seems I’m always losing
Just when I think you’re finally mine
You wander again, seeking the arms of another
And I’m left alone, with just the memory of your smile
I’m always loosing.....

Your songs of love and devotion remain in my heart
I still see you clinging to my arms, drawing from my strength
Just as I feel once more the sheer ecstasy of being with you
In an instant, I realize....
You have gone....again
I’m always losing...

Who am I? I am the great I AM!
But...who am I to YOU?
At times just a discarded toy hovering at the edge of your existence
Or the shelter you run to when storm clouds gather
The lucky charm around your neck
But never, never what I long to be
The very air you breathe
The core of your being
The reason you live
Always losing...

If only....
If only I could enter your world and gently lead you to...
FEEL the strength of my love
SEE the desire of my heart for you
TOUCH the blood I’ve spilt to call you mine
TASTE the tears I shed when you wander away 
Then ...then you’d surely let me win the battle for your heart.
Today, my love....
Let me win today...
My heart will break if I LOSE your love for eternity...
No...NO! I cannot...I will not...lose you!
Oh, my precious love, please....won’t you let me win?