The Night of Christmas

Written by: Abdul Malik

I'm spending a quiet evening
this Christmas - just by myself,
I'll light a solitary candle,
Sit snugly by the fire,
And dwell upon my life.

No one is coming over
and I have to go nowhere,
I have bought no gifts and
have nothing to sip or savor;

But wait...
Who now knocks at the door?
Who, I wonder,
would venture out in this 
frosty Christmas night?

As I open the door
I see on my doorstep
A wicker basket with
warm loaves of bread
And a jug of wine
fetchingly laid!

There is no one in sight,
Hush all around and quiet,
But then,
through this dark
and foggy night,
I see
A solitary star aglow
And footprints in the snow!