Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

My LOVE - the sound of Her Symphonic voice
My LOVE - is Her music echoing in my ears

My LOVE - sighting Her silhouette walking towards me
                 as a shadow from Dawn's Sunrise
My LOVE - the vision of Her Smile, the sparkle in Her forest eyes

My LOVE - feeling Her warm, smooth silken skin; embracing me
My LOVE - the miracle of Her healing touch, inside my Broken Heart

My LOVE - the fragrance of her womanhood as I caress Her sandy blond hair
My LOVE - the flavor of Her lipstick, Eternal Life given with her kiss

Barbara Jean Gorelick (BG), My Dearest Most Only beLOVEd
Barbara Jean Gorelick (BG), My LOVE for the Eons of FOREVER

   Dedicated to the LOVE, that keeps my Heart alive