Written by: Joyce Johnson

Children’s voices are raised in praise
In their seducing Christmas plays. 
They tell of Herod so reviled,
He would harm the sweet Christ Child.

Hearken to merry Christmas bell
As music for my kyrielle,
Telling of birth so undefiled.
“Born is Mary’s sweet Christ Child”.

They simply can’t contain their joy
At coming of the Holy Boy.
Even three wise men are beguiled
At birth of Mary’s sweet Christ Child.

Two Thousand years ago He came.
And Earth has never been the same.
Joseph worried as Mary smiled
At birth of her awaited child.

God’s angels came to warn the two
What the most evil king would do.
With His bed on their donkey piled.
They’re running with the sweet Christ Child.

This story that does not grow old
For centuries has been retold.
Today the children have restyled
The old tale for the sweet Christ Child.