A Poem on a Story from Holy Bible 1

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

This Poem is dedicated to all my Christian friends on Poetry Soup 
and else where in the world in the festival month of Xmas.

A Poem on a Story from Bible 1 of 2

The Healing at the Pool

One fine morning
When the Sun was spreading
Its refreshing morning breeze
On the soil of Jerusalem. 01

All the sick and suffering people
Had started gathering
On a spot 
Named as Five Porches
At the place, known as ‘Sheep Gate’. 02

They all were here
So that they may get a chance
To have a dip in the holy water of the pool
Of Bethzatha*
To get rid of their sufferings and sicknesses. 03

The desire and wish 
To touch the holy water and
To get well soon
Had brought them there
In spite of their pity deplorable conditions. 04

On that fine beautiful morning
Along with the rising Sun
Jesus had come to Jerusalem
For a religious festival. 05

He was standing on one of the porches
And was looking towards those people 
Who had gathered there
With all the love and kindness 
In his heart for them
For all those
Who were either sick or blind,
Lame or paralyzed
Or had sufferings of some other kind. 06

Kanpur India 8th Nov. 2012    To be concluded soon in Part 2