Written by: Chidozie Uche

Here am I, all about me flick from 
flabby mouth, from day, dusk till 

 Incredible! Humans' heart being 
mould with red mud while I from 

 Alas, tenderness of living I 
tightly secrete

Obverse of human, I might came 
from waste land, where grows no 

 Eh! Pure nostrils despise my 

Maybe my body is going rack and 
ruin, what a whack

Passes I, hisses snipe my 
present, as collided laughter 
mourn my back

 Stealthily, I drawl my footstep to 
avoid those footmarks of vigour.

What am I, only me holds, except 
you skin my heart
 To unravel those pulses, 
encaged for years,

My frowned face a case study for 
human's judgement, what! An 

 Truthful lies about me dominate, 
my condemnation rears.

Scandal! Seems to provoke the 
madness in my head

 But patience, till nature's 
judgement takes lead.