Written by: Suzette Richards

Seagulls bob at rest on the ocean waves. 
A tired fisherman the predawn chill braves, 
disgorging his catch on quay. 
Gutting knives of vendors clicking like claves, 
staining blood red and sliming the cask staves. 
A twist of the wrist the key. 
Barter for *snoek, which in newspaper saves – 
Very old trick passed down by the Cape slaves, 
before 1834 being set free. 
A vanilla dawn sun the wave crests paves. 
North-westerly wind mercilessly raves,
on the ocean waves with glee. 

*SNOEK - a line fish

Scientific name: Thyrsites atun
Other/Common names: Cape Snoek, Barracouta (in New Zealand and Australia)

8 December 2012

Tail Rhyme has many variations. Please see the About section for details.