Written by: Goode Guy

lying mid-dazed, on the great floor
beside the double double-hung window
i lounge, and snooze - sun-warmed lizard
and realize i hear the sounds of crickets;
a stridulation of exo-legs bowed
growing out of the lush grazing of daydream

knowing that, it being mid-winter i cannot 
actually hear any of family Gryllidae
as they are all gone to egg and
awaiting the warmth of spring solstice
ahhhh...the game is afoot, or, a leg up

tinnitus is such an interesting sensation
like catching a faint whiff of smoke or nutmeg
or seeing that certain Irish green 
that is so hard to describe exactly, 
what it is, and why it touches you

eyes closed i see his hind legs, 
like a warming steam-engine, slowly spinning
wheels before it gets full traction,
his compound eyes shining down his track

dozing, i hear the whoooosh of the steam
as the engineer pulls levers and water drips
from cups to brass plates below...is it real brass?
this liquid/gas world in my head, or
just another encumbered dream from
under activated otologic nerves
expressing their voices, their cochlear art

© Goode Guy 2012-11-26