She waits

Written by: Bobb Marly

07 Dec 2012 08:36 AM

She met him in school and knew him by heart
She knew their souls would never part
They have four years till they graduate
So patiently she waits

They marry and off on lifes journey they go
Duty called and how long he'll be gone she dosen't know
Two months turns to eight
So patiently she waits

Out of the service with hidden scars
She loves him dearly no matter how hard
She knows his heart is in a bad state
So patiently she waits

Through her love she pulls him through
As they raise their children bobby and sue
Off they go as they graduate
So she still patiently waits

Doctor visits and waiting rooms
Their time together will end to soon
Off to heaven went her mate
So she will patiently wait

Her time will come
God will say well done
You were faithful now come and enter the gates
No longer will you have to wait