Written by: Kable Hendrix

Oh Savior of mine let your heart beat fast for today shall be our last.
Cast away the bad times only think about the good.
Everything we did and everything we should.
Who could take me away from you? Only I.
And who could take you away from me? Only he who lies.
My only one lover, my true lover I surpass, but there is still the pain of broken glass which tears the joy from within me.
For deception has unveiled itself like a deep dark well of sadness it has poured over me.
For only a liar could tear us apart and that liar is you.
Who knew that like a fire your desires have burned up inside like mine that I had for you, but I let them die.
But the ashes will forever remain, though my heart can not repair the pain.
However your heart will remain the same for it knows no such thing.
Oh Savior you saved me once...but now you have abandon me.