Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Born to cure by nature for we are Siamese twins,
though we`ve been separated from inception,
our tentacles and wings pilot the earth like fins,
Mixture of herbs and root led to our conception.

We have limits and boundaries when invited,
whether strong or soft effects we act the same,
we create multiple side effects when incited,
Our exploits are well known that they call us a name.

When we are invited to your home without license,
Be prepared for unusual attack and kicking,
Your ailment multiplies without measure;of what  essence?
these aggregated syndromes get more scientists thinking.

I`m better than my twin when we are being abused,
He is callous and vicious while I`m soft and kind,
Men still prefer him for his wealth;yet we are amused,
Dubious men make lots of cash from us which is hard to find.

Consequences!And they pay for these without measure,
Youth violence;going naked,swimming in crime like eel,
wanting to feel high and belong,but without pleasure,
Stop!stop this abuse!hard or soft we remained still.

They call me soft and my Sib hard or narcotic,
The unquenchable desire is not our making,
Greed!insatiable quest for more make them robotic
Now,colored with vices and deaths due to takings and faking.

Personification of drugs:Soft drug(I-the writer),Hard drug(my twin)

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