Christmas Love You

Written by: Owen Yeates

You know we’ve been married for many years
And sometimes I forget the words you want to hear
It’s not that I don’t, cause you know that I do
So at this special Christmas, let me say I love you

I try every way just to remember to say
I love only you on each and every day
It doesn’t take much to utter these words
So why do I forget, it seems so absurd

Cause I take it for granted that you know
Let the look in my eyes tell you I love you so
But I will try harder in the years ahead
To tell you I love you, let it resound in your head 

So jingle bells and ho, ho, ho
You see in my heart there’s a place that’s aglow
With all the love this Christmas has brought
Which taught me to say I love you in word, deed and thought