A Silent Weeping

Written by: Broken Wings

~ I lay in repose, in calmness and quietness Silence and stillness, words unspoken Only the flutter of my heart and breathe As still as a photograph, lost in my thoughts ~ And in my solitude, I dream silent dreams ~ I dream, I go riding a black horse A cloud of dark is my hair I wear a green velvet coat And the snow is falling, falling ~ And in my stillness, I dream silent dreams ~ A thousand petals fall and scatter Beautiful red roses twirling, swirling They descend fair and calm and silent Laying on the snow covered ground ~ And in my obliviousness, I dream silent dreams ~ My soul dwells above the clouds The turmoil of life forgotten I am voiceless and at peace But is that my silent weeping ~ And I lament, that I must depart my dreams ~ ~ Lyric December 7, 2012