Written by: Owen Yeates

As you lie there in the afterglow
You look at her and you know
Adultery has happened here
It will only end in trouble you fear

The taking of this pleasure was fun
Now your future is cast and done
For she who loves you most of all
Is going to cry and out of love fall

She cannot forgive you broke the trust
That in a marriage is a must
But you have a backup plan in place
You are about to be left with red face

For she who has committed this act with you
Says goodbye with you she’s through
You did not think just lust was fed
As into the downward spiral you’re led

You hope your kids will understand
They say they will not lend a hand
They stick with mum and so shun you
Now you must start alone anew

A life of solitude and regret
Keep hoping that she will forget
That one day you will make it right
Fool for one lustful sex filled night

So you cry to her and tell
She says it will be a cold day in hell
Before you get back into her life
You’ve lost it all children and wife