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Written by: lee dobson

Knew ya were bad news, i just didn't read the headline.
 Funny! cos ya picture was on the front page.
 Something like a red wine ya were to me.
 Drunk on the thought of lovin you.
 Now that I've sobered up, I'll search for something new.
 Just gotta get rid of this hungova feeling.
 Heard the best way is some sexual healing.
 Ya took me for a mug,
 Had a nice long sip, bet it tasted good.
 hope ya enjoyed ya little *****!
 Its the best you'll ever have.
 shuda guessed it wouldn't last.
 But naivity took a front row seat and laughed at the drama.
 What goes around comes around, I think they call it Karma.
 Now I don't wanna get nasty, I heard ya were a skank.
 If I knew ya were gunna be this much trouble I'd of just of had a wank.