In your fury you were consumed
Torched by the might of your hand
Locked away in your shadows
By a strange rage that took hold of you
I want to cover the blame
For you acted in the cloudiness of your mind
In anger that obscured your reasoning
What fueled up the furnace
I have no knowledge of
But I know of your heart’s recompense
Yet they seek to cart you away
Exert their revenge on you
Take you to where you can’t explode
And shut that fire anyway possible
I wish to save you from their hands
But your actions justify you not
Nor your act of anger and fury
You have given your accusers a pass
Now they tread on your anger
Despite your soberness or words of peace
They wish to shut you out completely
In all my wisdom and kindness
Even I cannot save you from the upshot of your fury
Too bad the jury finds you guilty