Guilty as Charged

Written by: John Loving III

Sometimes men need forgiving
When they don't know how to ask
Words really are unmintionable
If painfull the recent past
A womans heart is fragile
When given to the man she loves
She knows she can't take it back
But only be scorned by love

Hear her silence roaring
Like a lioness looking for cubs
See her eye's exploring
The soul of the one she loves
Feel her motionless body
When seeking the littlest kiss
Her memory totally empty
Of any shared bliss

How can I fix this
How can I fix this
How can I fix this!

I'm on my bended knees
I would do most anything
If I could only please
The thing that once was living
The thing that I once had
Please give it back
It's the only thing that matters
The thing that I lack

I can love unselfishly
And you would be my queen
Remember what I am to you
And wipe the record clean
I won't stray beyond your reach
And we shall be as one
Perhapes to bring us closer
This awful thing was done