What to Think

Written by: Robert Ball

What do you think when facing a problem or adversity?
Do you make a decision out of desperation, foolishly?
In faith if you truly believe in God it should be easy.
Let the Lord handle the problem; He has your back lovingly and spiritually.

When a decision has to be made ask and seek help from Him.
He’s perfect in every way even when the problem looks grim.
This world is confused by the evil one sometimes you’re thinking is not rational.
With the Lord all is possible, wisdom from the Holy Spirit will rise above all problems it’s not conditional.

Many homeless poor humans forget that God the Father is there for all of “us”.
Having wisdom putting your life in the hands of God’s Son, Christ Jesus.
We all have important decisions that will impact our families in our life.
Having God’s given wisdom the first thing is having a loving caring understanding wife. 

Sometimes the wife and you are in a quandary it can be a stressful time.
Praying asking the Father for answers in faith, you will be fine.
The key here us the love for each other, trusting in each other as both are one.
So we will get the answer as long as we trust in God’s Son.

The whole world is on a collision course.
It’s about to explode in the Middle East, it’s going to get worse.
Money is nice to have it matters to people as they try to remain alive.
But does it really count when after all is said and done? In faith I tell you brethren with the grace of God all true Christians will survive.