Leave love to cuddle

Written by: Ravi B.N. Murnad

Come on life , come 
fill my heart 
a drop of emotion...!

The black centered eye 
i was arrested by put piece of shadow
spreading seven colors.
Relationship nailed in heart wall.

Bend the memory bine 
Lage head down to a deep drop
birth to dry heart, spark the eye water
I step like river!

Shadow river run in the ocean heart 
Almost hit by wave of wing struck the mind
Open  your heart
I can drop half  of my sorrow 
Open up your life
I can  drop tear sea ..!

If memories covered with aculeus 
love to cuddle me tied shoulders
Crash the callus formed hollow bones
Give strength my rusty arms...!

On my slender face half of new moon shadow 
Spread me half of your  happiness 
Let lough happiness line If have time 
Let them flow wrinkle channels if have Location.

Griefed emotions inside the heart
this goes much deeper drop fence around
Let them again suffered days
Let the color buried dreams....! 

-Ravi B.N.Murnad,INDIA