Written by: andrew delapruch

tension that brings
the conflict, conflict
which brings the
fight, fight that brings
the pain, pain that 
brings the blood,
blood that brings the
haze, haze that brings
the slowing, slowing that 
brings the edge, edge that
forces prime alertness,
alertness that shocks the
heart, heart that beats the
mind, mind that refuses to
submit to death, death that
loses again, loss that
gives any quality to the life
of the living at all,
life of the living strolling
aimlessly (looking for a
primal ****), seeking &
ye shall find in the pants of
another, getting hold of
what one wants by any means
necessary, getting off, 
getting off & getting off
again, spurting, exploding,
gushing, quaking, shuddering,
shivering, convulsing
(eyes closed, senses blinding in
orgasm---flatlining for 
nanosecond where the heart
beats a thousand miles a minute),
bathed in the cum of another,
room filled with the remnant of
the feeling that subsides so very
quickly, comfort soon leaving the
stage, anxiousness visiting again
& good ol’ tension rearing its head