the mime apocalypse

Written by: andrew delapruch

overheard someone quietly frightened
by the stupid ****ing Mayan calendar 
ending, someone sold the “apocalypse”
line &
who still eats it up, eats it up, eats it up,
regardless of how many scientists you
throw in their face,
regardless of how many ways one might,
to a point of immeasurable exhaustion,
try & dig out all the horrid christian bullshit
which has been piled on them during their
like sandbags in a war that never existed to begin
when s/he was nervously talking about it on
this one particular day,
s/he misspoke, calling it the “mime apocalypse,”
wherein, my own mind conjured up something
much more entertaining,
an “apocalypse” which would really 
go out with a whimper,
rather than a bang,
like a needle dropped from the tallest skyscraper
& then 
echoing on the
pavement below,
to drown out even the faintest of whispers,
as the mimes
invading the world by the billions,
came falling themselves
as mime paratroopers
to climb invisible walls,
pull invisible ropes,
shoot invisible guns &
juggle invisible 
pushing the lot of us to a truly blissful
point of absurdity.