December 15

Written by: Addam Hughes

Only in theaters, Rater "R"
You'll come to my life
Seated from afar
Watch me now, without your help
I've killed this time and still with health

It's not even ten
Yet I feel i'll do it again

I hated this year, more regret than you'll care to hear
Still, listen to this song
My impaired lyrical version of a life all wrong

That months for you
to end a dream and start anew
Next years for me
To end my life of hypocrisy
Your life is with me, but i'm not a member
I hate this month...Fu*k December

I think that today i'll get a new book
to steal my reality from that fatal last look
Trust in's a new way to go
Except for my life, i'll rhyme what I know

So there is a dead man walking
Away from my fire
I scream with new hope
I can't handle liars
And emotion i've found
Has nothing to do with it
only the few
Live freely outside of it.