Richard Prichard

Written by: Olusegun Akanbi

Richard Prichard
Once was wretched
But now owns a golden land
Where diamonds and pearls rock his feet
Like giant balls of sand
He remembered the time he was poor
And how people treated him so
How he waved to the miller’s daughter
Each day
But she won’t say hello
He remember the time
He had no food to eat
Except a morsel of porridge
That fell to his feet!
From the cook’s table 
Each time they meet
To engage Richard to brush his teeth
Richard Prichard
Once was wretched
But now he is a rich man
He remember the things his mother use to say
That you will eat from the toils of your hand
And if it fails
Get an education
And never underestimate 
The powers of your mind
As time and chance
Is all it takes for you? 
To leave all that behind

Richard Prichard
Once was wretched
Was charged with stealing a pie
And the penalty under the law says that Richard must die
But the maid who made the allegation had told a lie
She couldn’t recognize the thief when he ran by
Richard Prichard was taken to Cornwall
Before the magistrate at Canterbury Street
The magistrate told Richard to stand up
And to be on his feet
He called Richard a thief and wretch in open court
He commanded the jailer to take him back to prison
On the spot
The magistrate took a bribe 
And let Anthony go
After he had sold a bag of sand for salt
But pretended he didn’t know
$50,000 he took 
Set a guilty man free without looking at his book