Just Let Go

Written by: Erich Goller

Just Let Go (Jesus Tears) Live One day At a time With hope and love Enjoy the sunshine And just let go Tomorrow Sure shall Come Look Above You shall see Heavenly clouds Set your spirit free With fondest dreams Praise and cheer Hold them Dear Erich J. Goller Copyright 7.26.2012 Jesus Tears Is a new poetry form created by Dorian Petersen Potter It consists of 9 lines. Syllable count. Rhyme: optional Subject: Spiritual or uplifting in nature. Stanzas: as many as desired, but at least 2 Line 1...1 syllable Line 2..2 syllables, Line 3..3 syllables Line 4..4 syllables Line 5..5 syllables Line 6..4 syllables Line 7..3 syllables Line 8...2 syllables Line 9..1 syllable