Just another Victim

Written by: Ornella Russell-Lewis

Just another victim that is what I am,
As I am being abused, by the hands of a jealous man,
Beaten every day, it is my fault that I am here?
Then why is it that, no one else seems to care,

Stuck in this empty room, every single day,
Can’t get out, no matter how hard I pray,
Only to wait for him to come again,
And take whatever he wants; will it ever end?

I cried myself to sleep every single night,
Trying to ask God in the process, to take my life,
Empty as I am; I will never be free,
Left in the darkness, after he is through with me,

This is my life, his servant & slave,
Loneliness is my friend, his wrath I can’t escape,
For I am a victim, that is what I am,
Stuck in this life where I am abused, 
By this mad man.