Colorless Journey

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Colorless Journey" a colorless jorney is life without magic a distorted view without goals is deemed tragic to ignore the beauty of a silvery star or soft glow of golden Moonlight from afar a pathway of darkness is life without magic a desolute existence of breathing is tragic. gravel stones diminish the sparkle of being as negative outlooks are all one is seeing excitement is hidden behind false masquerade and the elegance of Nature fades in cascade for magic is heightened by experience of love and the heavenly skies showing raindrops from above. once the fire of life has been extinguished to die seek to find the ignition of the magic key to fly for a colorless journey is dull and defeated and the rainbow 'pot of gold' is forever deleted the magic of life is achieved as one gives and life without magic lasts as long as one lives. *For SandyIvy Davis's Life Without Magic .. *Dec. 6, 2012.