Car Park Cubicles

Written by: mike dailey

What I Learned on the Web Today

The whorehouse of the future
At least in Zurich’s mind
Is a bunch of car park cubicles
For hookers and their kind
This series of sex-box places
Where clients will drive into
Are on a 1st come-1st served basis
That will keep them from your view
	Town folks by the way
	Had this to say
We can’t rid the town of hookers
So we must learn to control it
And to keep out creepy lookers
We will also then patrol it
With the women by their boxes
There is no lost travel times
And that means these red-light foxes
Can collect a few more dimes
We’re just thinking of the ladies
And of their clientele
And a little of the citizens
Who within this town now dwell
If ever you’re in Zurich
And you need to park your car
Don’t stop where there are red lights
If there, you’ve gone too far