Written by: dennis curry

 Night time is such a long time
 Time of thinking,time of dreaming
 Dreaming of all the good times
 Thinking of all the bad signs

 But sleep will come along
 And wipe your fears away
 Leave you in a wonderland
 Where nothing can harm your day

 Day time is such a short time
 Time of working not of thinking
 Thinking about your life
 Working away the hours
 Then reality hits you hard
 And all your fears appear
 Leaves you in a daze
 Wishing the night was here
 Lone time is such a hard time
 Feeling all the anger,feeling all the pain
 Pain of all the dead dreams
 Feeling of wasted years
 Then night time comes along
 Here comes the wonderland
 Forget the lonely days
 Love the dreams you find.