Santa's sack of little souls

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

Play violin,Play Solitude
Play the note of broken voices
Eternal eclipse of my soul
Why am i still hoping?
Last night held a dream
the colour of a sunrise
the fragrance of a jasmine
 and the beauty of a child
Another year awaits
cold snowflakes in my porch
the fluttering wings of
red breasted cardinals
by the window-pane
lit candles on a tree
and carols in the street
Another year i walk barefoot
to the Cathedral
Another year i kneel
Without my faith in God
Another year i return home
to a silent cradle
to a wooden rocking chair
which makes no creeking sound
Another December
blooms with red hollies everywhere
But not here 
Here between the still digits
of the clock
all there is are petals
of withering chrysanteniums
Here,Santa never visits
and Halloween never ends.