almost awake

Written by: Davin Payne

to give up is to end
something I don't want
tho not easy, I do
when In question of my reasons
I see goals, lack of experiences
and I become motivated 
Where does it all go?
Many answers, yet 
now I know why the pyramids exist
I see art
I am almost awake
in one hand I have loving, understanding
the other, hatred, criticism
I make my choices based on the fragility of my time
the simplicity of my condition
a temporary existence 
so delicate and beautiful
gone in an instant
0 to 85 years old at the speed of light
where did it all go? what have I done?
Now I see
I am almost awake
there is still time
there will always be time
How much can I fit in a moment?
how long will I remember?
I have my dues
people to appreciate
lives to cherish
thoughts to gather
concepts to realize
points to perceive 
I can see
I am almost awake