A Farewell Heartfelt

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Although I have known you for only a short while,
You have always put on my face a nice happy smile,
With you around, the place was forever lit,
Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty-You are a full kit!

Out of this dark tunnel as you go,
Awaits a world of fun, joy & smiles for you …Whoa!!
Opportunities galore in an environment bright,
With success following you at the speed of light!

A small place you have made in people's heart,
Your shadow will stay behind, even as you depart,
A small wish I have for you today,
With joy, laughter and happiness –may you always sway!

Although sad it is to say goodbye,
I am happy for you, I cannot deny,
Do remember me and in touch please stay,
In a great place, as "M.D" you arrive, from my heart I pray!!

So long dear friend...