Ganny and her Pumpkin

Written by: jackie thomas

I have a pumpkin that my daughter brought to me October 31st the year twenty-10,
Texas, is where is all begin.

He is short and cute with eyes that glow,
He is not orange as the other pumpkins you know.

He started talking at nine months old,
When I first saw him my heart was sold.

I did not have to carve him like the other pumpkin I've had,
It was God first, and his mom and dad...

I did not purchase this pumpkin in my local grocery store,
Don't go lookin', because there are no more.

I did not have to find him in a pumpkin patch, but a hospital nursery room,
I picked out and said to myself that pumpkin is coming home with me real soon.

Ganny's Pumpkin, O'how I love he!