Without The Magic Of Christmas

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Without The Magic of Christmas What would Christmas be without its magic once a year? Without the colorful lights that illuminate such beauty everywhere The decorations of snowmen hanging on the doors of homes Those Christmas trees sparkling of splendor and those sweet kisses under the mistletoe It would be a day that we would miss out on giving a true expression of beauty born Without celebrating the birth of Christ in a manager that we place faithfully on our lawns The snow would cascade down without anything for them to sparkle through The lights would not exist, therefore leaving them no window of tinted hues Thus missing their beautiful dance as they fall from the sky As we watch Christmas without magic sadly pass by There’s a scene we collect in our hearts on what Christmas should be Without its traditions there would not be any heartfelt memories… Contest: Life With No Magic Sponsor: Sandy Ivy D By: Gail Doyle