The Christmas Chills

Written by: Abdul Malik

Shopping! Shopping!
Christmas shopping!
I have had enough,
It's stressing me out;
I gather all the gift lists
And toss them into the fire.
I pull the plug on
all the Christmas decor
And bang shut
the door and the windows
against a howling, frosty
and starless night,
And a melee of kith and kin;
I shut off the Christmas music
And plunge my home
in total darkness and silence.

I drop down on my knees -
Depressed, sorrowful and forlorn -
I fold my hands; bow my head
and cry silently, trying to
lighten the turmoil within,
To mend the lilt of true spirit
that time has set awry.

Way past midnight
I light a solitary candle
And venture to gather
some warmth from its
gentle and heartening glow!