My Lost Love

Written by: Abdul Malik

Try as I may
I couldn't let go
of those bygone days;
Once gone, they
do not come again,
Then why does my mind
keeps recalling them
again and over again?
Oh, why does my heart
keeps reliving
the days of yore in vain?

If the days were like birds,
Oh, I would hold them
in a gilded cage
And nurture them fondly,
I would feed them pearls
and cling on to them dearly;

But the moments once gone,
Never do they come again;
Then why, oh why do I
keep recalling them in vain?

Now I can take her picture
And toss it just some place away,
But the image of her
that's etched in my heart
couldn't be erased try as I may.

Leaving me forlorn
To her heavenly abode
She's gone away forever -
Yet...hardly at all!
Oh, hardly at all!