Santa's lost his sat nav

Written by: julie preston

Santa's lost his sat nav
And does not know what to do
"Why did I choose technology,
Old ways are best, it's true"

He's in a bit of bother
And with Christmas drawing near
He cannot help but wonder
If he'll get to spread his Christmas cheer

Mrs Claus has helped him in his search
The elves have helped look too
But nobody has had much luck
"Oh what am I to do"

"I could always ring old Rudolph,
He might be free to lend a hand,
After all he was my guiding light
And delivered well on my command"

So Santa rang dear Rudolph
And told him of his plight
Rudolph was quite keen to help
He couldn't wait to lead the flight

On Christmas Eve they all set off
Gliding high up in the sky
Santa had forgotten
How well Rudolph helped them fly

It was then that he decided
He would stick to his reindeer
And forget about his sat nav
When spreading Christmas cheer

So if in the sky on Christmas Eve
You see a flashing light
It could be that you've just witnessed
Rudolphs nose still shining bright