The School of Theology

Written by: julie heckman

The fondest of my memories was certainly in college.
I was in my forties, going back for a forth and fifth
degree. Some may know my school as STC or the
School of Theology in Claremont. I picked this school
because I had a lot of faith in god and thought the 
journey through this new religious cavern most 
important. With all my heart I wanted to become a 
minister. The longer I staid in school the harder I 
worked, there were so many factions: written; religious
history; theology; preaching and on and on. Then about
 ¾ of the way through I had a eclipse in faith. It was in 
Biblical studies where we were learning that there was 
nothing literal about the bible and many authors wrote it.
 After this lapse in faith I pulled myself back together 
accepting the modern way the bible was written. I regained 
my strength and enthusiasm and continued till I finished 
receiving not only a Masters of Divinity degree, but also a 
Doctor of Minister Degree in Preaching. Yet, the story 
doesn't end here. Only one year later I was diagnosed 
with a brain tumor. There was nothing the Dr.s could do
except operate and see what it was. Luckily it wasn't 
cancerous and over 80 % was removed because it was 
causing me to smell things that weren't there.  I resumed 
my life with a few handicaps, seizure, etc. taking 
14 medications per day. My memory was fully 
impaired so there was no way I could work in the 
field of ministry. Now on SSI, poor and barely getting
by I still have these memories of having attended STC, 
and working very hard.