Tender Years

Written by: Jessica Kuilan

An infant,
Watches what his mother does for him day after day.
A toddler,
Follows in the steps of his guardian.
A child,
Discovers everything in a different way than anyone else.
A teen,
Does what they are not told.
An adult…
Remembers what was done when he was small…

How his mother would stay nights without sleep,
How he would always step in the foot prints of his father,
How he would stay still dark discovering the world,
How he would do the opposite of what he was told,
And now he wonders…

Without his mother during those scary nights,
Without the guidance of his fathers path,
Without something new to discover,
Without hearing what not to do,
What was he to do…?

As he remembers the foot prints he would follow behind,
He remembered when he would fall,
There was always someone there,
And now,
There’s only an empty street…

When he got home from school,
Always open arms to greet him,
Now there’s just an empty house,
Now that’s all just in the past…
But what now?

For all those days they were there,
For all those moments they held you so near,
For all those laughs and tears that were shared,
For all those foot prints I once followed,
I still remember…
But now…

My foot prints are being followed,
And with each step,
There will always be a part of…